Women wrongly closed down in ministry

(courtesy dear_theophilus) By Spencer D Gear (Catherine Booth, courtesy Wikipedia) Speaking of 1 Corinthians 14, N T Wright wrote that ‘what the passage cannot possibly mean is that women had no part in leading public worship, speaking out loud of course as they did so. This is the positive point that is proved at once […]

Women in ministry in I Corinthians: A brief inquiry

Corinth, 21st century (courtesy Wikipedia) By Spencer D Gear When we come to discuss the controversial issue of women in public ministry in a mixed congregation of males and females, there are two sections of Scripture that are trotted out as old chestnuts to oppose women in ministry. They are: 1 Cor. 14:33-35 (ESV) [2]: […]

Husband of one wife (for deacons and elders): Have churches distorted the meaning for centuries?

  I Tim. 3:12 states, ‘Let deacons each be the husband of one wife, managing their children and their own households well’ (ESV).   By Spencer D Gear PhD   It doesn’t matter whether we go to the laity support of men-only in public church teaching/pastoring ministry or seek explanations from the anti-brigade of pastors […]

Should churches have female deacons?

(image courtesy cliparthut) By Spencer D Gear We can be in personal discussion among Christians or in an Internet interaction, but raise the issue of women in ministry among evangelical Christians and you can expect to get some strong views both ways. Mostly I’ve heard the anti-women in ministry view defended most vigorously. Certainly, conservatives […]

It’s a sin to bore God’s people with God’s Word

(image courtesy ChristArt) By Spencer D Gear During the Christmas holidays in Australia[1] is an excellent time to experience second-string preaching from our church pulpits.  This is often the time when the senior pastor goes on holidays and assistant pastors and elders take over the role of preaching on Sunday.  However, this also happens during […]