Women in ministry: an overview of some biblical passages

By Spencer D. Gear I.    Introduction J. Hudson Taylor “founded the China Inland Mission as a faith mission in 1865, and by 1890 it embraced 40 percent of the missionaries of China.” [1a] It is now called the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.   J Hudson Taylor Courtesy Wikipedia “J. Hudson Taylor makes extraordinarily ample use of […]

Women wrongly closed down in ministry

(courtesy dear_theophilus) By Spencer D Gear (Catherine Booth, courtesy Wikipedia) Speaking of 1 Corinthians 14, N T Wright wrote that ‘what the passage cannot possibly mean is that women had no part in leading public worship, speaking out loud of course as they did so. This is the positive point that is proved at once […]

Amazing contemporary opposition to women in public ministry

Elizabeth Hooton Warren, 1600-1672 (public domain) By Spencer D Gear When traditional evangelicals, who are against women preachers/pastors, speak out, they can make statements like this: “Andronicus and Junia were probably not called apostles in Romans 16:7. This is the only verse where these “two men” are mentioned. They are said to be Paul’s kinsmen […]

Women in ministry in I Corinthians: A brief inquiry

Corinth, 21st century (courtesy Wikipedia) By Spencer D Gear When we come to discuss the controversial issue of women in public ministry in a mixed congregation of males and females, there are two sections of Scripture that are trotted out as old chestnuts to oppose women in ministry. They are: 1 Cor. 14:33-35 (ESV) [2]: […]

Husband of one wife (for deacons and elders): Have churches distorted the meaning for centuries?

  I Tim. 3:12 states, ‘Let deacons each be the husband of one wife, managing their children and their own households well’ (ESV).   By Spencer D Gear PhD   It doesn’t matter whether we go to the laity support of men-only in public church teaching/pastoring ministry or seek explanations from the anti-brigade of pastors […]