Dealing with male domestic violence

  (image courtesy openclipart) By Spencer D Gear When sporting icons hound women in pubs, abuse them with obscene phone calls, or have sex with prostitutes, they are acting like thousands of other young Aussie men. This behaviour is not restricted to professional sportsmen. According to a national survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, […]

Getting to the heart of domestic violence crisis

Photo: Hannah Clarke with her three children, Trey, Aaliyah, and Laianah. (Facebook) By Spencer D Gear PhD As I began writing this article, horrendous grief and anger are being poured out by family, friends and neighbours in Brisbane over the alleged murder and suicide of a family of four (mother and 3 children) burned to […]

Newsweek’s shocking attack on marriage

By Spencer D Gear Could you believe that a major news magazine, Newsweek, is assaulting marriage like this? See the article, “I don’t: The case against marriage” (Newsweek, 11 June 2010). I was alerted to this writing by Southern Baptist leader in the USA, Dr. Albert Mohler Jr. For a considered Christian response, read Dr. Mohler’s […]

The Hindu worldview clashes with reality

Hindu Murti idol: Sri Parvati Devi (image courtesy Wikipedia)[1] By Spencer D Gear PhD 1. Introduction When I personally visited India in 1964 I was shocked by the widespread poverty: (India: image courtesy[2] (India: image courtesy pixabay)[3] The Brookings’ Institute concluded in 2019: According to our projections, Nigeria has already overtaken India as the […]

Does the superiority of New Testament revelation exclude the continuation of the gifts of the Spirit? Is cessationism biblical?

(image courtesy ChristArt) By Spencer D Gear Rev. Paul Cornford, pastor of North Pine Presbyterian Church,[1] has written an excellent article presenting the theology of the cessation of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit in the contemporary church. The article is, ‘The Superiority of New Testament Revelation’ (Cornford 2008) and is available on that church’s […]

I Peter 1:18-19, The Christ of the cross fills empty lives

(Drought, Australia, public domain) By Spencer D Gear I.          Introduction Maybe it’s the nature of my employment, but I meet a lot of unhappy people.  What really makes people happy?  What causes so many people to be depressed and thinking of suicide?  What causes marriages to bust up?  Why do people choose to live in […]

The drug menace! What can parents do?

(public domain) By Spencer D Gear Note: the statistics in this article need to be updated, but they should provide an example of the use of illicit drugs in Australia. Matthew is above-average as a student, not bad looking, liked by his mates, faithfully attends church, comes from a middle-class family. By the time he […]